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Terrace Water proofing

  1. Method 1: Without breaking only water proofing coating
  2. Method 2: Chemical coating and top with IPS
  3. Method 3: Breaking the existing brick bat coba, applying chemical coating and same brick bat coba with extra top layer chemical coating
  4. Method 4: Without breaking with polyester cloth and chemical coating applicable also for parapet wall.


Exterior Wall Water Proofing Painting

Opening of cracks, filling the crack with polymer chemical and coating with water proofing chemical and Dr. Fixit 603 & Dr Fixit raincoat paints


Leakage Proofing Wash Room & W/C

Repairing of beams & column, structural, wash room W/C leakages RCC water tanks using polymer chemical rust converter


Rust Converter For M/S Grill Coating

Just tapping and removing rust from the metal surface and apply rust converter. then after any co. oil paint with any recommended shade.


Interior Paintings & All types of Civil Works

Internal painting, tiling, flooring, brick work, exterior and Internal plastering etc.


Polymer Waterproof Solution for Plywoods & Woods

Owing to this specific treatment of this polymer product plywoods and wooden planks, becomes reliabale in terms of durability & moisture resistance. cost effective and impeccable finsh.